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Interesting and Funny Image Edits
The Bizarre, The Insane, The Mildly Amusing
Carrots!The following galleries are what I refer to as "Carrots."  What is a Carrot you ask?  Well, a carrot is an amusing image edit - plain and simple.  Most people refer to this as "photoshopping" images, but since I don't actually use Photoshop, I have deemed them "Carrots," after the first image I ever made for this section (look to the right).  What are Ping Pong Club Carrots?  Well, if you've seen the series, you really don't want to know.

This area is broken into sections.  Each gallery has a theme.  Needless to say, it's not that complicated.

Duct Tape Boy's Adventure Through Time
Follow the discount superhero Duct Tape Boy, as he travels through time on a mind bending adventure.

Hanzo the Razor
These images are all Hanzo themed.  Hanzo is the main character in a series of old, perverse Samurai films... Effectively, Hanzo is best described as "if Shaft was a short, fat, balding guy living in Edo period Japan."

Miscellaneous Images
These are images that exist without category for the moment.  Not that complicated of an idea.

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