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A Tribute to Vandal Hearts' True Hero... Clive Beckett

Clive... it doesn't sound like the name of a man who would help reshape history... but it is.  Well, the history of a fictional world at least.

Without Clive Beckett, the revolution that freed Ishtaria would never have been won. Who knows if Arris the Sage could have truly won if Beckett had not been allied with him.

He also founded and ran the Security Defense Forces of Ishtaria, the one true source of justice in the new Republic.  Through his position he enforced the laws with honor, and not the iron fist of the Crimson Guard.

Clive also mentored Ash Lambert.  And without Ash, Ishtaria would have been wiped from existence by the Flames of Judgement that had been unleashed by Dolf.

Clive Beckett is at the center of everything that occurred in Ishtaria... but he is often forgotten.  Well, not anymore.

Vandal Hearts is a Strategy RPG released by Konami back in 1997 for the Playstation.  It is very much in the same vein as Ogre Tactics, and Final Fantasy Tactics.

The Introduction
Some Background information on Clive Beckett and Vandal Hearts.

The List...
The top ten reasons that Clive is so incredibly cool.

The Proposed Sequel
The ultimate question is what did ever happen to Clive anyways?

Disclaimer: Vandal Hearts, etc. is the property of Konami... and I in no way have anything to do with Konami. 

Also, this page will never be updated.  Never.  So don't expect it to. 

Trae Dorn
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