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Input Graphical User Interface DOS Overlay
Developing a GUI for Systems that Never Deserved One

News: Dec 3rd, 2003
After not updating for two years, I'm here to tell you... expect another 'bout of "not updating for two years".  As you may have noticed, I frankly don't have time to work on InputGUIDO anymore - and while it will be the basis of the DOS set-top box I'm making (for myself, I'm not trying to make a commercial product here), I literally haven't touched the code since the test build of NUnZIO crashed.  Is InputGUIDO dead?  Sort of.  Consider this a "coma".  It could wake up at any minute -- or never again.

News: Dec 9th, 2001
So, I was halfway done with NUnZIO (Natural Uniform Zippy Information Organizer), the core of the "File Manager" for InputGUIDO, when I did a test build on the 8088 test machine (nicknamed HotRod)... and it crashed the whole damned thing.  Which means before I can add an operational build... I need to look at the sorting routines I'm using and rewrite them... possibly from scratch.  Which sucks.  I had been using Molnar/Kukalba's file opener routines, which are in part based off of code by Mark K. Kim...  so I need to compare his original code with theirs to see who f***ed up the sorting routine... geh.

Additions in v3.2a:
Rudimentary Folder Support Added.
Bug after using mouse enabled programs fixed
Future Additions [AKA What Could Have Been]
(What am I working on now?):
I hate the way QuickBASIC handles arrays, so I'm writing my own functions
I'm working on a file manager currently titled "Nunzio"
Note: I ask you to excuse the bare-bones look of this part of the site.  Frankly, I'm focusing more time on the actual program then the site for it.

InputGUIDO is currently an alpha build, so not all features have been implemented or completed.   Please remember that before installing the current version.

Trae Dorn
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