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Posted: 10/6/2008 12:50
Last Updated: 11/7/2015 0:30

Trae Dorn vs. The Crazy Person
Trae Dorn
Or Why You Should Never Try And Reason With a Mad Man

Website(s) Reviewed: (now located at,

This is Part Three of an Ongoing Series on Internet Spell Casters. You May Want to Also Read Part One, Part Two, Part Four and Part Five
Update: I have posted an update to this article you can find at the bottom of this page.
Update #2: I have posted a second update as well, which is also at the bottom.
Black Magic IdiotThis was supposed to be the promised part 3 to my series on Internet Spell Casters. It was supposed to be a long article on, a site which I believe to be the current scam run by the illustrious gang. I wasn't given the opportunity to write that article though... because my time was taken up by a rather frustrating series of events caused by another spell casting website.

Some days you wonder why you get out of bed in the morning. The day I first corresponded with "Frater Dantalion" of Black Magic Spells was one of those days. Never have I gotten such a headache from someone who I didn't really give a damn about before. Never before have I had to waste so much time on an insane, bizarre nutjob like this before. Never have I put up with so much crap giving someone a chance to make something right before.

For those of you who read my site regularly, you may recall the previous article I wrote about the scam website and the one that preceded it. I am a firm believer that any website that charges you money for spell casting is, with out a doubt, a scam just trying to separate you from your money. I went specifically after because they were also lying about who was running the website -- there was no way for a victim to get retribution or justice.

That article got quite a bit of traffic in no small part to it being featured on The Consumerist, and needless to say fairly high in search engine results for

Now, I pay hawkish attention to my referral logs, mostly for the occasional laugh, but in part just to see where on the internet people are coming from. One day, the site "" came up in the log, and I was curious. I had written about some spell casters, and now it looked like a spell caster was writing about me.

I knew it wouldn't be good.

What I ran across was an article by "Frater Dantalion" which I've archived here. It was a long diatribe about how some guy named "Jens Johansson" was both harassing Frater Dantalion and other spell casters while simultaneously running a large number of scam websites. Now, the only Jens Johansson I've ever heard of is a heavy metal keyboardist, but that's not the point. The bit that interested me was at the bottom, where he posted an "update." This update claimed that "Jens" was behind as well as behind my article debunking them.

It seriously made zero sense on any level.

And I should have just let it pass. I should have said "This guy is crazy" and let it go. But then I saw that he mentioned some site named "" as the new front... and I had to check it out. was registered between the publication of my two articles. For those who remember, is run by three people: Brittney and Kevin Reynolds who currently reside in San Antonio, TX, and Andrew Bucklin who lives in the area of Newport News, VA. I honestly didn't go all that deep, but the address associated with's Google Checkout Account is about a seven minute drive from Mr. Bucklin.

I think we have a winner.

So I got curious. How did Frater Dantalion know this was What tipped him off? Did someone e-mail him? I just absolutely had to know. This was where I made my mistake. This is where my limitless curiosity overcame my "This guy is crazy, stay away" instinct.

Just for reference, never let ANYTHING overcome your "This guy is crazy, stay away" instinct.

So, in my stupidity, I decided to send Frater Dantalion a message to correct him about his article. I went to his "Contact Me" page and sent the following text:
To: Frater Dantalion
From: Trae Dorn
Subject: Form Submission

I'm contacting you because I run the website

I was looking through my referral logs when I ran across this on your website:

I can honestly say that I have no idea who Jens Johansson is, and am not really sure what it has to do with my article about

The owners and operators of were most definitely a group of kids in their 20s, and I'm fairly certain they aren't connected to anyone else. They're a distinct group of people.

Also, the reason there are a slew of responses is because the article got featured on the, a fairly well read blog on the Gawker network. I don't know about the issues you've had with a person named Jens Johansson, but I can honestly tell you that none of the players in the incident have anything to do with him or her.

And most definitely none of them are me.

That said, I'm curious to ask how you came across - the mailing address they use is located within seven miles of one of the scammers, so it actually does look to be connected to them.

-Trae Dorn
I thought that it was simple, non-inflamatory, and overall a fairly inoffensive way to contact the guy.

I forgot I was dealing with a crazy person.

I was lulled into a false sense of security when he sent back a rather civil response too:
To: Trae Dorn
From: Frater Dantalion
Subject: Re: Form Submission

Dear Trae,

A google search for 'love spells' produced but how I connected it to Jens and I am keeping under my hat.

I have removed my comments about from my website - for now, not because I think I am wrong, not at all, indeed I believe he posted the anti fastspells comments on your website and on ROR.

A frightened 22 year old would not take down one day and replace it by the next - it is business as usual for JJ.

Best wishes,
Frater Dantalion
Dantalion then followed it up by removing the "Update" seen on the bottom of the article. Now, if I'd been even half smart, I would have left it alone here (if I had been FULLY smart, I never would have contacted the guy). The problem is, and I'm sure that most of my friends would agree, I have this annoying need to be right. It gets me into more trouble than it's worth... and it happened again. I had to make Frater Dantalion understand...
To: Frater Dantalion
From: Trae Dorn
Subject: Re Form Submission

You don't understand -- Brittney's personal cellphone number was discovered by one of my readers. It was then posted to my website and got called repeatedly. She had the sites taken down because she was getting personally harassed at home. I know this because she called my web hosting provider in a panic (from the same number) and tried to threaten them. The person who found her cellphone number was able to do so because I had found her name, an address, and her date of birth -- and he cross referenced public records. was a scam run by three people -- Kevin Reynolds, Brittney Reynolds, and Andrew Bucklin. That's it.

Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds are originally from Virginia but live in Texas, while Mr. Bucklin is still based in Virginia. Brittney Reynolds is 21, while Kevin and Andrew are 22. We've found records of hosting, along with MySpace pages and photos to back these claims up. was registered after my first article about was launched (which didn't expose anyone's identity, but bad mouthed their site) but prior to my second article (which actually told people who they were). I'm not absolutely sure it's them -- but as the address is near Mr. Bucklin (who wasn't discovered until after the initial amount of traffic on the article had died down).
I'm also fairly certain you're wrong about the people who commented on my article. Most came over from The Consumerist, and the rest were already readers of my website. There is no conspiracy there, trust me.

See how stupid I was? This was not my brightest move. I didn't get a response to it, and went about my business thinking the entire affair was over.

But it wasn't.

One of my readers who I've e-mailed back and forth with quite a bit (who was a former customer looking at different Magick sites) ran across Frater Dantalion's website. In place of the article I had already posted... she found this version instead.

That's right, now the entire article claimed that I was running the myriad of spell casting websites. That's right, me. They guy who says "Never buy spells from people" was apparently the grand scammer. It was utter insanity. He also picked probably the least flattering image of me he could find, which is really just sort of... funny. I think he was trying to make me look silly - but honestly, I put up the video he got the screen grab from myself. I make myself look stupid all the time on purpose... he really doesn't need to help me.

But it gets better, apparently, I was running -- and THEN exposed it. And then I was running too, which apparently I shut down. First off, I have never been involved with any of these websites, and secondly... as of the time I posted this article, was very much operational.

Dantalion also claimed in the new draft of the article that I was repeatedly harassing him via e-mail. I had sent him a total of two e-mails EVER and I'm fairly certain that neither was harassing (you tell me). The funny thing is, Frater Dantalion keeps oscillating between calling me a scammer and then saying I harass spell casters... but since I think all spell casters are scammers, is he implying that I just sit around all day harassing myself?

It's very confusing.

Needless to say, I was furious. Righteous indignation took me, and I quickly wrote this e-mail to Frater Dantalion:
To: Frater Dantalion
From: Trae Dorn
Subject: Well then.

I received an e-mail today pointing me towards your newest update on

Very cute. What you have posted though is absolute and complete libel.

For one, I am not involved in any of the scam sites you claim I am.

Secondly, I had no idea who you were until you linked to my site last week and it showed up in my referral logs.

Thirdly, I have never written anything about you... ever. Ever ever. And honestly, I had no real intention to.

Fourthly, I have never, in my life posted to Ripoffreport[dot]com.

Fifthly, Until our recent exchange, I have NEVER E-MAILED YOU IN MY LIFE.

Seriously - what the heck is wrong with you?

Also, if I were behind I wouldn't be f***ing broke.

-Trae Dorn
Okay, I'll admit, I didn't censor the swear in my original e-mail. The next day I got the following response:
To: Trae Dorn
From: Frater Dantalion
Subject: Re: Well then.

Dear Trae,

OMG, but this will be sorted :) That evil bastard Ed Magedson needs exposing 'big time' - him and need a boot up the ass for what they have done here.

No you haven't uttered a syllable about me, but Brittney Reynolds's side kick Andrew Bucklin is taking the piss - a would be ED M if you ask me.

I too have exposed the evil trio

They have hijacked my name and posted negative reports on ROR, it says on the net Ed M demands $50 K for postings to be removed.

Frater Dantalion
For someone I was apparently harassing, his tone had surely changed. Upon looking at the ever fluctuating article, I was greeted with a new draft as well.

This new (and significantly shorter) draft stated that I, apparently, was a god damned hero for exposing, and that Andrew Bucklin (one of the scammers) was apparently his new boogeyman. Frater Dantalion all but tried to buy me roses with his sweet talk. Also, Bucklin apparently had tried to buy services from Dantalion according to this new version... Of course, Andrew Bucklin was a totally unknown name to Frater Dantalion prior to my contacting him, but regardless, he was the new boogeyman of the hour.

And I was oddly okay with that. Andrew Bucklin has actually done some bad things, and if he was accused of a few more they honestly wouldn't make him look any worse than anything true that's been said about him. With this I thought things were settled.

I was so wrong.

I sent a reply to him, thanking him for being civil. Of course, as my then current blog entry was about how people shouldn't buy spells online and how it was stupid to do so, I decided to word my response honestly. Yet another stupid mistake of mine:
To: Frater Dantalion
From: Trae Dorn
Subject: Re: Well then.

I'm glad we could be civil about this.

Because while I don't agree with what you do, I never planned to or wanted to get into a fight with you.

I went after because:
1. They were claiming to be Wiccan (which you aren't)
2. They were lying about who they were on a massive scale (which you aren't)

And again, while I may not agree with what you do, it then turns into just a philosophical issue.

When you think about it, even if I wrote something it would be a rather boring article: "This guy is exactly who he says he is, and his address is accurate! If you want to get a hold of him you can! And if he's casting those spells they're doing exactly what he's says they're doing!"

Not a whole lot of point to it. :P

I figure we can live and let live on this one. No hard feelings.

See, the thing is everything I said in that e-mail was true. He's not pretending to be a member of my religion at all, and he does have at least a believable name (Oswald Paul Alexander Carlton) and contact information on his page. And while I think he's full of crap (presenting Cthulhu - a literary invention by H.P. Lovecraft for his horror novels - as an authentic god?) at least he was someone a wronged customer could actually track down if they needed to.

Of course, that very day, my girlfriend Crysta decided to Google my name when we were sitting down and talking about this whole incident... and she found a Rip Off Report entry (link removed) made by Dantalion. Soon thereafter we also discovered another entry as well (link removed). Dantalion had written them prior to my e-mail though, so I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt (for what possible reason, I have no idea).

So I e-mailed him this:
To: Frater Dantalion
From: Trae Dorn
Subject: Re: Well then.

Just a quick request -- could you also please remove the Rip off Reports you posted about me?
I figured we'd soon be done with this nonsense. He e-mailed me back:
To: Trae Dorn
From: Frater Dantalion
Subject: Well then.

I've now posted on ROR that Andrew Bucklin stole my identity, and exposed him as the scammer. I've removed my ROR page from my website for a day, after all, if they discover I've said Ed Mags needs money for body guards, rent boys and drugs it might put them off posting my comments.
And, like he said, he took down the article for a day. Then, on Rip Off Report, rebuttals came in... from Frater Dantalion... saying that I wasn't a scammer. While it is always nice to see someone arguing with himself, there is nothing stranger. The responses are available to be read on the full articles (although I've now removed the links -- sorry).

You just can't make this stuff up.

But insanity aside, I thought that things were finally over with. I thought that things had finally concluded, and that maybe I'd be finished with the whole bizarre mess.

I was wrong. See, things are NEVER over with crazy people. Dantalion decided to change his stripes (which, again, I shouldn't be surprised with as he's bat guano insane) and sent me this e-mail:
To: Trae Dorn
From: Frater Dantalion
Subject: Well then.

Sue me shag planet - ha, ha, ha, ha - ASHIA kiss, kiss, kiss

I'll blast everything thing you do into orbit.

GET out of the fucking kitchen - you'll get burnt.

I'll sent every day and night smashing you - shag planet.

Shit tank with a fat arse.

sue me pussy cat.
I sent him an e-mail that merely contained the response "What?" as I was utterly confused. But upon launching my web browser I discovered that his lovely sentiment was accompanied by this version of the now infamous article going up. Needless to say, I was fairly annoyed. After a little bit of time, I sent Dantalion this response:
To: Frater Dantalion
From: Trae Dorn
Subject: Re: Well then.

Now you've put back up an article that is full of the previously listed libelous statements.
What the heck is going on, seriously. Why are you trying to pick a fight here? What the heck is in it for you?

There is no benefit to a conflict here. You know for a fact that I am not involved in any of the things you accuse me of, and you know that I'm not behind some massive smear campaign. You write a libel filled article, then replace it with one that pretty much tries to butter me up, and then you take it down again and replace it with a version that attempts to defame me again.

What is your deal, man?
I have yet to hear a response from him. I've also written my own replies to the Rip Off Reports filed against me.

So, yes, is probably the new front for Andrew Bucklin, Brittney Reynolds and Kevin Reynolds of And yes, I didn't get to do any real digging on them beyond an initial investigation. And yes, this is entirely because I was wasting time with Nutty McNutjob Frater Dantalion. And yes, it's true I would have never written a thing about this guy if he had never picked a fight with me.

What. The. Heck.

Here is the lesson for you though, if you aren't equipped to deal with full on crazy, never in a million years CONTACT the crazy person. Secondly, never try to reason with a liar. Thirdly, never deal with a crazy liar. The original article struck me as full of delusion and bizarreness, and that should have been my warning. I should have never opened this can of worms because anyone with half a brain would be able to tell that Oswald "Frater Dantalion" Carlton was as ridiculously both as they come.

Remember, you can always contact the good Frater Dantalion (according to his Nominet WHOIS information) at:
Flat 62
20 St Loyes Street
MK40 1ZL

Every internet spell caster is a scam of some sort, so please stop getting taken for a ride.

Just a Quick Video About "Faked" e-mails
Update 10/08/2008:
Since I published this article on Monday, quite a bit has happened. First off, Frater Dantalion has updated his website twice to include additional nonsense. You can read my archived copy with the updates here. His accusations are literally so ridiculous that I couldn't possibly respond to all of them.

All of my copies of his website are obviously real, and I made copies because I knew he would change his site the instant I said something. I wasn't born yesterday. All the e-mails I've published are real, and I've faked absolutely nothing.

And by the way, Brittney Reynolds (besides being VERY real) is 21, not 22. Andrew Bucklin is 22.

That said, starting yesterday, I started receiving quite a few e-mails from Frater Dantalion. I have yet to reply to him, but they're an interesting read:
To: Trae Dorn
From: Frater Dantalion
Subject: Re: Well then. BON BONS


& wherever you are from, do you put the kettle on? ENGLAND

Knit 1, pearl one, cow 1

eat you heart out Sad WednesdayS
Me, my dad & my gran

Frates is having a Brits spheres style meltdown - whammy.


Big kisses to Ashia - what a cracking babe? & a slap on the butt for Ashra, scorching, babe too!

We are here to score 1 more than you ENGLAND
He attached a file to that one, but I didn't open it. The insanity continued only six minutes later with this:
To: Trae Dorn
From: Frater Dantalion
Subject: Re: Well then. BON BONS

It was nearly complete, it was nearly sweet

three lion on a shirt

no more years of hurt
And no, I have no idea what that means. Nine minutes later, this showed up:
To: Trae Dorn
From: Frater Dantalion
Subject: Re: Well then. BON BONS

Einstein, Newton, Shaky=sphere (even better than your Britters - only just admittedly)Thatcher etc

You don't even have blinkin'
Galileo Galilei

Here to score ONE more than you - ENGLAND

Your prob is you are a YANK.

Yuk accent.


I'd be jealous too.

FUNK SOUL brother.
It was so random, and utterly indecipherable. And he calls me a "yank." First off, I am from Wisconsin. That's in the Midwest -- the Western part of the Great Lakes region to be precise. A "Yankee" is someone from the Northeastern United States, particularly New England. Clearly he doesn't know his geography.

But Dantalion wasn't done. Almost an hour later he sent me this:
To: Trae Dorn
From: Frater Dantalion
Subject: Re: Well then. BON BONS

Trae Dorn was at the back of the queue when brains were being given out.

FUNK SOUL brother.
I don't know why he bothered to e-mail that particular quote from his webpage, but he did. I'm fairly certain, at this point, he's trying to goad me. He was quiet for a while, but this morning I found this waiting for me:
To: Trae Dorn
From: Frater Dantalion
Subject: Re: Well then. The ritual has begun

Moustaches On The Moon
Yep. Moustaches on the moon. I have no idea what that means, but... whatever. That also had an attachment that I didn't open. About six hours later he then sent me this last one:
To: Trae Dorn
From: Frater Dantalion
Subject: Re: Well then. Hold on tight for the big one :)

Please forward a nicer photo, you look like a piece of dehydrated rat's vomit gasping for breath in the current one. You are scaring my clients away.

I would like to purchase one of your love spell please.

Frates XXX
I don't know what kind of rise he expects to get out of me honestly. At this point, I'm mostly just laughing at the nonsense he's been sending to me. I don't know what strange little war he's fighting in his head, but I'm fairly certain it's the product of delusion.

(The Location He Has Listed as an Address)

Update #2 10/09/2008
Frater Dantalion must be watching this article like a hawk... a freakishly deranged scammer hawk... as he has updated his article on me yet again. In it he claims that I "faked" the e-mails yet again. Of course, I already addressed that by showing you the headers of the e-mail in the video which track the e-mail from origin to delivery. If you have problems reading them on the video, you can look more closely at them here. And yes, they will match the video if you freeze frame it. You can forge some parts of headers, like the actual "from" portion, but you can't forge the path the e-mail has taken all that easily. Because of that, if you want proof of authenticity and you've received e-mail from "Frater Dantalion" before - compare the origin headers to mine.

You'll see the e-mail came from the same place.

 Dantalion also admits in this update that his address listed is a "Mail Forwarding" agency. A quick google search for his address find a "Mailboxes Etc." at the location. This, along with his no check policy, leads me to believe that "Oswald Carlton" (the name Dantalion claims is his real one) may just be another alias. I have no proof of that other than a hunch, but so far my hunches have been pretty good most of the time.

Just to put a little frosting on the cake as well, Dantalion sent me yet another e-mail yesterday:
To: Trae Dorn
From: Frater Dantalion
Subject: Re: Well then. Light the fire piano

Trailing a hoe, along the Ho Chi Minh trail.

2night there will be a feather treatment.

Frates XXX
I don't know whether to just laugh or roll my eyes at this point.

Mini Update: Dantalion has updated his webpage yet again

Trae Dorn
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