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 The Misadventures of Phil Bond:
 Robots in Disguise: The Lost OAV
The Lost Episodes Viewing Guide.

The Lost Episodes have been an on going process since November, 1999.  Because of that, the 'order' of what to read stories in is a bit convoluted.  Why?  Because some of the side stories are just as important as the episodes themselves.  So, at the end of every installments listing is a number in brackets (i.e. [1]).  That represents the official Lost Episodes Reccomended Viewing Order (TM).  We determined this using a unique process, tentatively called 'The-When-Was-It-Written-System' (Patent Pending).  If you are progressing through the Episodes, and encounter a gap in numbers, check the Phil Bond or the Lost OAV sections.  You'll find it there.

Also, don't be afraid to consult the FAQ while reading the episodes.  It may explain and give details on something that we left descriptionless, or maybe just let you know about an inside joke.

It's all fun.  Really.

Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes
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The latest updates, and the newest fanfics that we've added, and the latest Beast Machine: The Lost Episodes news.

Fic Archive
Want to read every Lost Episode?  What?  You don't?!? Uhh... well, go here anyways.

Lost Eps.Cast
Who's who of Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes, and who's not who.  And why we like pie.  Or not.  Huh?  Where are my shoes?

Have no idea what's going on?  Wondering where Mr. Bamt, NickBee and Benny came from?  Why is Phil Bond here?  What is the Jusenkyo virus? Find out now!

The Authors
Find out about the goons that write this balogna.  Their interests, their lives, their magical girl powers...

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The Lost Eps Store
Want some swank merchandise showcasing some of your favorite Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes fanmade characters?  Well if you do, you can get it here!

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