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Season 1
Act One Sets the Scene, makes the "Changes" so to speak. 
Episode 1: Rattrap 1/2 Traegorn RavenHawk [1]
Episode 2: Enter NickBee Traegorn RavenHawk [2]
Episode 3: Conforming Composition Traegorn RavenHawk [3]
Episode 4: There Can Never Be a Title Traegorn RavenHawk [4]
Act Two binds the acts together... And it has Phil Bond
Episode 5: A Day in the Life (Of Jetstorm) The Orange [5]
Episode 6: The Amazing Mr. Bamt The Orange [6]
Episode 7: Premature Speculation The Orange [7]
Episode 8: The Changeling The Orange [8]
Act Three lets everything fall to shit.
Episode 9a: Benny and Tankorr Take a Break Traegorn RavenHawk [9]
Episode 9b/10: Phil Bondius Emeritus The Orange [10]
Episode 9c/11: Denials and Trial Traegorn RavenHawk [11]
Episode 9d/12: The Freak Component The Orange [12]
And it all comes together in one huge season finale
 . Episode 10/13: End of the Line Orange/TRH [13]
Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes
Main Page
The latest updates, and the newest fanfics that we've added, and the latest Beast Machine: The Lost Episodes news.

Fic Archive
Want to read every Lost Episode?  What?  You don't?!? Uhh... well, go here anyways.

Lost Eps.Cast
Who's who of Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes, and who's not who.  And why we like pie.  Or not.  Huh?  Where are my shoes?

Have no idea what's going on?  Wondering where Mr. Bamt, NickBee and Benny came from?  Why is Phil Bond here?  What is the Jusenkyo virus? Find out now!

The Authors
Find out about the goons that write this balogna.  Their interests, their lives, their magical girl powers...

Put the Lost episodes ALL OVER your harddrive with these winamp skins and wallpapers

The Lost Eps Store
Want some swank merchandise showcasing some of your favorite Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes fanmade characters?  Well if you do, you can get it here!

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