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Do You Shaq Fu?
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I threw this together in five minutes in ULEAD iPhoto express.
WinAmp Skins:
The Following is a WinAmp skin.  If you use Winamp, download it to the "skins" directory... and boom.  There you go.  Don't bother unzipping it either.

Download it now.
ROM Files:
ShaqFu for the Sega Genesis (.bin file)
This is a copyrighted program, so you legally can only download this if you own a physical copy of the game.  I do, so I can have it.  You, as the downloader, are agreeing to accept all legal responsibility for this download.

ShaqFu for the SNES (.smc file)
Again, the same warning as the Genesis ROM.  I will say, that after playing both copies, I think I know which version the ShaqFu haters tried.  The Genesis version has a MUCH better response than the SNES one... let me tell you...

ShaqFu for the Sega Game Gear (.gg file)
Nice people have sent me this ROM dozens of times, but I hadn't gotten around to ever posting it. Why? Um... because I fear it. Still have never played this version also - whether I own the cart or not. I refuse to on the grounds that a game for a tiny screen can never compare to the greatness that is this game on a full screen. I include it for the sake of completeness though.

ShaqFu for the Game Boy (.gb file)
So, this was a new one for me. Someone FINALLY found the GameBoy rom (some person named "Hino"), so I finally have every rom. I never owned a gameboy and have never downloaded a GameBoy emulator, so I have no idea as to the quality of this version. But it's for a black and white screen, so it can't be that great - but it still has to also be the greatest black and white fighting game ever.

More files may or may not ever appear, now that I have all the different ROMs. Perhaps I'll do a higher quality wallpaper one of these days - but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

Trae Dorn
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