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Do You Shaq Fu?
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The Story:
I don't think my simple talking could ever live up to the actual story the game tells you.  The amazing thing to me is that this was written by people who speak ENGLISH.  This isn't a simple Zero Wing situation here, where translation was just at fault.  They actually WROTE IT this way.

If you think that's bad, wait until you have to fight people.  How does Shaq know things about this strange world?  And who wrote this stupid, yet cryptic dialog?

Jeez, that's classy.  Man do I love this game.  I mean, how much comedy can you fit into one fighting game?  And it's almost as good when you kick their ass too:
Silly Prince, the Colonel couldn't teach a chimp how to climb a tree, let alone me a lesson.  I beat your ass with Light Punch! BEHOLD MY SHAQ FU SKILLZ!  (Sorry, I'll calm down now)

Trae Dorn
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