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Welcome to "Do You Shaq Fu!" The original guide to Shaq Fu on the internet, and your number one source for information on one of the strangest games ever released for a console.

How my fascination with Shaq Fu began, and why I made this page.  Also holds the answer to the age old question "How bored was I."
Strategy Guide
Having problems with the game?  Then read the comprehensive guide to fighting the Shaq Fu style. In no time, you'll be proclaiming your mad-light-punch skillz.... yo.
Story of Shaq Fu
Shaq Fu has a fascinating plot that you have to see to believe. Really.  What?  Why don't you believe me?
Fu Rants
Do you hate Shaq Fu? Tell me about how much you think this game sucks. Or reply to rants sent in by other people.
Shaq Fu Downloads
Download wallpapers, and other Shaq Fu related files to  Shaq-cessorize your computer.
Shaq Fu Forum
Visit the Shaq Fu forum, and discuss... ummm... Shaq Fu? Or maybe that EA vs. Marvel game will revive Kaori or something.  Discuss that.  Or don't.

Note: Shaq-Fu: Enforcer of Justice is the property of many people, including Shaquille O'Neal, Electronic Arts, Delphine Software... none of whom are related to, or have any connection to  This page is unofficial, silly, and a work of fandom.  Since no one is making money on this game anymore though, we doubt that they'll care.  Unless they make that Shaq-Fu sequel I've been dreaming of... The one without Shaq... It'd be titled "Fu 2".  Yeah... I like that.

Trae Dorn
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