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Do You Shaq Fu?
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An Introduction:
I love Shaq Fu.  Sure, you may hate it... but those reasons are exactly why I like it.  It's hard to find much more wrong with a game, but every time I think this game has gotten worse... it continues to sink even further.  It's just so classy in it's suckiness.  Shaq Fu was released in 1994 by Delphine Software and Electronic Arts.  The story (or at least what a drunk guy at an Anime convention told me once) is that they had a mediocre fighting game sitting around.  They didn't know what to do with it -- it would never be good enough to sell on it's own.  EA at the time also held the Shaq license, but it was about to expire.  So, in a stroke of marketing genius, the image of Shaq was tossed into the fighting game, and Shaq Fu was born.  So, that's the story of Shaq Fu.  But my fascination didn't come about until January 2001...

It all started when I picked up a JVC X'Eye at a local pawn shop.  I'd never owned a Sega Genesis, but the X'Eye (Wondermega in Japan) had always fascinated me, so I had to grab the classic Genesis/Sega CD Clone.  I dropped by Toyriffic, a local used game store where several of my friends work, to pick up a decent RPG for the system (since that's what I play most of the time).  I quickly grabbed their copy of Phantasy Star III, but then noticed a glittering gem in the "Random EA Games without boxes" case in front of me.  It was called "Shaq Fu".  Now, back in high school I knew a guy named Jeffy who wore a Kazaam! hat and I've actually heard some of his rap, so I knew exactly how bad non-basketball  Shaq items were...  but it was priced at one dollar.

A dollar.  Hell, it looked like a fighting game, and when I'm not playing RPGs I'm playing Fighting Games... so, I figured, what the heck.  I went home, plugged it in... And was amazed.  This was so cool, well, compared to what a dollar will normally get you...

So, I went online.  I figured there must be at least one other person out there who liked Shaq Fu.  I mean, there are pages out there dedicated to the TV show "Time Trax" (don't believe me? Look here - and this the third TimeTrax site I've linked to as well... for some reason they keep disappearing), so SOMEONE must have written a positive page...  but I was wrong.  Sure, there were rants about it, and move lists... but not a single positive site...

Until now.

So poke around, and take a look.  Better yet, tell me how much you HATE Shaq Fu by e-mailing me here.  Heck, if it's funny enough, it just might end up on the site.

Trae Dorn
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